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Tickets and Tours Cancellation Policy


  •  1)     You may cancel Shore Excursions for any reason, no explanations needed;
  •  2)    Send your cancellation notice to: ; Mention your name and your Order Number;
  •  3)     Full 100% Refund paid if cancelled more than 15 days prior to your arrival in the port you booked your Tours and Tickets tours;
  •  4)     Travel Insurance to cover medical emergencies, lost property, and potential cancellation penalties is recommended;
  •  5)     Museum, Performance and Transportation Tickets when purchased separately from a Tickets and Tours excursion are not
              refundable since they are dated and can't be resold


Full Text of Cancellation Policy

It is every person’s prerogative to cancel their Shore Excursion reservations with our company any time, and for any imaginable reason, or no reason at all. However, in certain cases a cancellation charge will apply. We do not need to know your reasons, you do not need to tell us about them, nor shall we ask you about them. We only need your cancellation notice in writing to be sent by e-mail only. No cancellations made by telephone are accepted. Because there might be a cancellation fee applicable in your case, it is our strong recommendation that you would obtain locally a Travel Insurance to protect you during your vacation. 
Our cancellation rules are extremely liberal compared to those as presented by the cruise lines, and in brief Tours and Tickets shall make a full refund of all our customer’s payments collected provided the Cancellation Notice will be received not later than the 15th day prior to your arrival in our Baltic ports. Please, read further regarding the details. 

1. Form of Cancellation Notice: Every cancellation notice must be made in writing for the reason of having documented. Cancellation messages made by telephone are not acceptable. For your cancellation, please, send a free format cancellation request by e-mail, no reasons for your cancellation are required. Include the following four (4) information points in your notice
  1. Your Tours and Tickets Order Number. If you made your reservations in several Baltic ports, and at different times under several Order Numbers, then you must include all those Order Numbers you wish to cancel. – Please, make it clear, if you are cancelling all your orders at each port, or just some selected ones. 
  2. The name of your ship, 
  3. The name of the city or port, and the scheduled day of your arrival in that Tours and Tickets Baltic port/s where you wish to cancel your order/s 
  4. The complete names (Last Names and First Names) of all those people you wish to cancel. This is extremely important in cases where you do not cancel the entire order but only certain individual persons drop out. – Please, make it clear if your cancellation is a total cancellation or a partial cancellation. 
IMPORTANT: (a) If you have booked a Private Custom Tour and you will have a reduction in the final number of people participating in your tour as a result of a limited cancellation, please, do not forget that your per person price is based on the number of people participating, so there will be a price increase for the remaining group members. (b) Cancellations made by telephone are NOT accepted. All cancellations must be documented. 
2. Where and how to send your Cancellation Notice: By e-mail to  You may alternatively also send your cancellation notice to the personal e-mail address of the Tours and Tickets employee agent with whom you had your earlier correspondence. 
3. Cancellation Timing: Whenever you must make a cancellation, please do not delay its sending to Tours and Tickets. The date and time of your cancellation is the date and time as they are shown on your e-mail letter, and as dated and timed automatically by the internet system. 
4. Cancellation Charges: 
A. Cancellations received more than 15 days before your scheduled arrival in the Baltic city, where you hold a Tours and Tickets tour reservation: For all cancellations received not later than the sixteenth (16th) day (= more than 15 days) prior to your scheduled arrival in any of the Baltic cities, where you are holding a reservation on a Tours and Tickets tour, will have no cancellation charge at all. You shall receive a 100% refund in full. Important clarification: E.g. If you are scheduled to arrive in St. Petersburg for instance on Wednesday, the 25th of June, the 100% refund will be paid for all the cancellations received by Tours and Tickets during Monday the 9th of June or earlier. The 10th of June is already the 15th day, so all Cancellation Charges shall apply. 
B. Cancellations received on the 15th day, but not later than the 6th day before your scheduled arrival in the Baltic city, where you hold a Tours and Tickets tour reservation: For cancellations received on the 15th day, or less prior to your departure will be levied a fee equal to 40% of the total cost of your excursion program. The reason for this is the fact, that on the 15th day we are making full prepayments to all the venues on your behalf. Most of these prepaid charges are non-refundable, and thus a total loss for us. If you are a member of a Private Custom Shore Excursion program, please read the “Special Cases – Group Size Reduction” below since it may apply to you.
Important clarification: E.g. If you are scheduled to arrive in Oslo for instance on Wednesday, the 25th of June, there will be a 40% cancellation fee, provided your cancellation notice will be received between Tuesday, the 10th of June and Thursday, the 19th of June, both days inclusive. 
C. Cancellations received on the 5th day, or less prior to the arrival date For cancellations received on the 5th day or less to the scheduled arrival date, or in case you are a “no-show” person (no-show is a person who holds a reservation, never cancelled, and never reports to our waiting agents at the port in the morning of the ship’s arrival) there will be no refund at all. 
Important clarification: E.g. If you are scheduled to arrive in St. Petersburg for instance on Wednesday, the 25th of June, and your cancellation notice was received on Friday the 20th of June, or at any time after that, it is then considered to be made during the time period of the last 5 days resulting in no refund. 
If you have made several reservations in different Baltic Ports, under different Order Numbers, you should also cancel them all separately for the sake of clarity. In brief, you are expected to make as many separate cancellations as you are holding separate Order Numbers. Each Order Number requires its own cancellation notice. If all your tour reservations are included in one order and are under one number, then one cancellation notice is also sufficient. 

Special cases - Important

1. Tour interruptions: If you have started your touring and you decide to interrupt it, skip part of it, or cancel the rest of it, there will be no refund for the unused part, provided you started your tour in the beginning. . 
2. Concert Museum and theatre tickets: There are no refunds ever for Russian theatre tickets, for instance for the Mariinski Theatre, you may have specially requested and paid for, if cancelled less than 5 days prior to your arrival in St. Petersburg. Important: If you consider yourself not a strong person, or if you suffer of diabetics, or you use special medication, or if you travel with children or elderly persons, please consider seriously, will you, or other members in your party, have enough strength left, after a full day of touring, to return to the ship, have a quick dinner, possibly redress, and then depart again to an evening theatrical performance. Unfortunately many cancellations are made only in the evening of the performance day, and the cost is not refundable. 
3. Group size reductions on Private Custom Tours: For individual members on Custom Tours, where the price per person depends on the number of participants in the party, it may be possible that there will be no refund at all, regardless of the fact that some members of the group decide to cancel, for the following reason. When one, or any number of persons, is cancelling, the total cost of the group shall be now divided by a lesser number of people, so it will result in an increase for the remaining group members. It is not our Tours and Tickets policy to increase the price at the last moment, whenever it is possible to avoid, so in order to keep the price at the agreed level for the remaining persons we may not be able to provide a refund for those who cancelled, unless the remaining persons are willing to accept the increase in price. This is a totally internal issue among all the members participating in one group, and it should be sorted out, and decided among the group members. 
4. Reporting Late for Your Tour Departure: Tours and Tickets port representatives will always be on duty at the port until the last registered passenger has reported to our agents. A) If you have booked a Private Tour and you report to our agent later than the officially announced tour staring time, there will be no guarantee that Tours and Tickets will be able to deliver or complete your entire program as originally scheduled and confirmed within the time left. Also a delay may result in you losing your confirmed entry slot time to the crowded venues, and as a result you may be subjected to waiting in line for extended periods of time. If any sites or venues will be skipped or eliminated from your program due to your own late registration, there will be no refund for such lost visits. B) If you have booked a Group Tour and the main group has departed in time, and you missed the departure, every effort will be made to make you join the main party. Sometimes this may require using a general hired city taxi in order to catch up with the group, and in such a case any additional charges must be paid by the party reporting late for their tour departure. They also have an option not to participate at all, and they may return back to the ship, but there will be no refund. C) Tours and Tickets departure times for evening shows are always exactly as announced. There is no possibility to delay the departure due to the estimated travelling time and the scheduled curtain time. Waiting for late comers will jeopardize the entire show for those who reported in time. In case a person misses the evening theater departure on his own account, and as a result the entire performance, it is his/her own responsibility and there will be no refund. 
5. INURANCE! - Whenever a person prepares for a foreign travel he or she should never depart home without an insurance which provides coverage for lost luggage, medical emergencies, and cancellation penalties. Tours and Tickets always strongly recommends a travel insurance for all our guests.
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