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Land Tours

Each of our guides is an expert in history and modern culture of St Petersburg and Russia, having taken courses in each museum and passed examinations conducted by the museum curators. Each of our guides is a university graduate and picked because of their personalities. We are particular about hiring guides, after discovering years ago that it was easier to train someone with a great personality to be a guide than train a guide to have a great personality. Tickets and Tours is unique in that we are the only tour operator run by an American and training its guides to create an experience that fully mixes fun and historic perspective and detail. We do not give long dry history lectures with memorized narratives like is the norm here.
Each tour is designed around our guest's interest and touring style preferences. You will have a conversation with a friend, and learn more because it will make more sense when presented in a casual interactive way, where there is no set script, and any topics or interests could be explored. 

Visiting has never been easier and especially now through Tickets and Tours services since we can take care of all your planning needs. There are more options then every also, in how to visit. Most vistors arrive by air to the new modern Pulkovo Airport just south of the city. Others choose to arrive by visa-free ferry from Helsinki or Stockholm and of course St Petersburg is a major rail hub for North Eastern Europe. 

Unless visiting by international ferry a visa is required and as your host we provide the official invitation called Visa Support that is included in your visa application at your nearest Russian Consulate in your home country. Tickets and Tours is fully authorized by the federal government to host foreign visitors, one of the few western operated and managed tour operators in Russia.  

Our land tours come in two types, small group tours and custom designed private itineraries​. 

Our small group tours are day tours, mostly walking, with a small group of 2-12 people who will be accompanied by our guide on a tour that features a theme, sometimes being history, others might be contemporary culture, or art. They are low cost and very flexible suited to photographers and those who are interested in engaging the city and its people directly on the street level, visitng interesting historic neighbohoods, using small shops and cafes that locals use as well as seeing the city from a personal perspective.

Our pre-planned private tours are created after finding out your interests, preferences and past experience. We create a plan based on that so you get the most personalized and memorable experience of our city. Most visitor prefer a mix of art, culture, contemporary life, and history as the focus so we have some itineraries that are a good starting point from which to fine tune to fit your interests precisely. 

If you are ready, lets get started on your tour plan. You can contact us by email,( ) phone, (1-786-374-2661 from the US), Skype (ticketstours ) or Instant Chat at the lower right of every page.

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