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St Petersburg Deluxe Private Tours

Tickets and Tours Private Tours are the first and probably the only guaranteed departure group tours in St Petersburg. They feature the most carefully tuned program of any tours, with adjustments made every year based on changing conditions, visitor feedback and incorporatiing new activities as they become available. These tours are for those who want a comprehensive all-inclusive tour, without the hassle of creating their own tour itinerary, and for the best prices in St Petersburg. These are not low end tours, but instead the best in the area, featuring excellent lunches in elegant restaurants, the best guides in the city, and many features not found with other companies who try to mimic the most popular itineraries in St Petersburg.

Each of these tours are all inclusive, with all admission tickets, camera tickets, meals, English speaking guide, modern air conditioned touring vans, welcome gift pack, rain coats, wireless earphones to allow you to hear every word your guide says, and small groups of 15 or less.  All Tickets and Tours shore excursions are Visa-Free saving you the complexity and cost of getting an individual visa. Booking is very easy, one page checkout with secure credit card process  or pay when you arrive in St Petersburg.

  • 5-Days Touring Baltic Capitals $399
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    5-Days Touring Baltic Capitals $399

    Tour the 4 most requested Baltic Capitals for only $399 total price, over 5 days

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  • Private Tour Quote Request
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    Private Tour Quote Request

    Thank you for your inquiry into Tickets and Tours customized private shore excursions. One our experienced Tour Advisers will write or call to discuss your options and to get a clearer idea of what you would most enjoy.

    Other ways of contacting us include:


    • Email 
    • FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/SPbTicketsTours  
    • Skype ticketstours
    • Phone (USA number that rings in Russia) 1(786) 374-2661
    • Instant Chat at the bottom right of each web page
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  • Baltic News123
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    Baltic News123

    News of the Baltic Sea area and cruise related information


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  • State Russian Museum Ticket
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    State Russian Museum Ticket

    State Russian Museum: One of great collections of Russian art, in a beautiful palace


    Moving through the Hermitage from geoff tompkinson on Vimeo.

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    * Date to Enter Museum:

  • Full 2-Day Deluxe St Petersburg $238
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    Full 2-Day Deluxe St Petersburg $238

    This is probably the most interesting program available in St Petersburg, intended for engage the city and it's culture in a fun adventure that includes all the must-sees.

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