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Passport Entry

Any visitors to Russia who books shore excursions with Tickets and Tours are eligible for VISA-Free entry. All that is needed to ensure visa-free entry is booking with Tickets and Tours, providing passport information for each member in your party and download, then print your individual tour tickets. The tour tickets are to be shown to immigration officials when disembarking in St Petersburg. Be sure to keept the tickets in a safe place because you can't pass through passport control without the ticket and your valid passport. There is no printing facility at the port, to print another but most ships have a business or internet center where there are printers.

Passport Entry Instructions: Enter the full name, as it appears in the passport, using the same capitalizartion as used in the passport. Enter dates by selecting values from the day, month and year pull down lists. When the passport information is entered for a group member, press "Enter Passport" A new blank form row will appear allowing an additional member to be added. When everyone in your party is entered make sure you have pressed "Enter Passport" after each row has been entered. Just to make sure all have been sent to the database press "Enter Passport" again. You should see a blank row below your bottom most passport row if each row has been sent to the database over our secure connection. Thank you for booking your shore excursion with Tickets and Tours


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