Private Custom Tours

The best and most popular way for cruise ship passengers to experience the most that St Petersburg has to offer is by creating their own customized personalized private tour.This can also be called VIP touring-your and only your own party alone without any strangers. Tickets and Tours works directly with you in creating a custom private tour that perfectly matches your party's interests and expectations. Discover some of the many benefits Tickets and Tours providers for each Custom Tour 
The price of a custom tour is dependent on the number of people accompanying you. With each additional person, the cost per person in your group reduces, for example 8 people touring together in a private group pay less per person than if the group totals 7 in number, participating in the same tour destinations since the price of the van or a car, port fees, your guide, driver and other fixed costs do not increase with the number of visitors. 
Many people seek to add more people to their group to lower the cost and for the companionship. 
If Private Deluxe St Petersburg  itinerary does not  suit your interests, you can create your own customized itinerary.  After deciding on what you would like to include, you and your Tickets and Tours Tour Adviser can start to create your custom program. This is a complicated process to make it all fit, time and location wise, but we are experts in this and will be able to make up the best possible itinerary for your private party. 
If you decide that you would prefer touring as a member of a small sized (maximum 15)fixed program Tickets and Tours group tour like the 2 or 3 day "Deluxe St Petersburg", please click here 


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Private Deluxe St Petersburg

From $299! This is a Private Custom version of the most popular group tour in St Petersburg, the "Deluxe St. Petersburg"  2 day tour that features the most requested and highly reviewed destinations.



Private Deluxe St Petersburg

Available on: Any arrival day of the week 
Highlights:        City Tour, Hermitage, Catherine Palace, Peterhof Fountain Park, Peter and Paul Fortress and St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Church on Spilled Blood, Canal/River Cruise 
Duration: 2  Day(s)
Activity Level: Moderate 

This is a Private Custom version of the popular group tour in St Petersburg, the "Deluxe St. Petersburg"  2 day tour that features many destinations including the Peterhof Fountain Park,  St Isaac Cathedral, Catherine Palace, Church on Spilled Blood, Hermitage, Canal/River Cruise, Free Time, and more!  Note that the only difference between the Group and Private version of the Deluxe St Petersburg is the substitution of St Isaac Cathedral for Faberge Museum in the Private Version. This is due to the ticketing policy of the Faberge Museum requiring small groups to pay for 15 tickets. If your private party is 10 or more, we can include Faberge Museum.


  • "Russian Cruise Visa"
  • All Local Taxes
  • All admission tickets to below listed places
  • All photo and video permits inside venues where allowed
  • English speaking highest rated guide
  • Free Time for shopping, lunches, exploring
  • Free use of local Cell Phone during Free-Time to keep in touch with your guide
  • Bottled water
  • Rain coats if needed
  • Audio system with personal headsets (provided for groups of minimum 7 persons)
1st Day not later that 45 minutes after the ship's official clearance to St. Petersburg.


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Activities

City Tour to the South -  You'll either see, or  visit the major sites and historical  attractions of St. Petersburg on the way south to the palace estates including statues, monuments, rivers and canals, beautiful bridges, cathedrals and palaces, memorial squares and parks. You shall also enjoy photo opportunities in selected locations.
This tour will portion of the tour will give you an expanded overview of the city's layout, history and environment passing through historic neighborhoods, civil buildings, grand homes and current day life environments.
Because you are in a small group, you will have plenty of time to ask questions and are encouraged to discuss your thoughts.


Exterior of Catherine Palace
Catherine Palace in Pushkin – typical of Baroque style, was built for the wife of Peter The Great , Catherine I, in the village of Tsarskoe Selo, or today's Pushkin, and it became known as the Catherine Palace.
Tsarskoe Selo (in English: "The Tsar's Village") is located about 27 kilometers (17 miles) south of St. Petersburg and it has a long history connected with generations of Romanov Tsars. Catherine Palace exceeds all the other palaces with its gigantic size and unique decorations. The stunning facade of the palace extends for almost 300 meters (1000 feet), and gives the first impression what to expect inside. Our tour will visit all the major halls and rooms, including the Great Hall, the Blue Room, the Picture Gallery, many of the private studies and bed rooms.
One of the many highlights will be the Amber Room with its walls decorated with real amber of different hues. The palace was practically destroyed during the Second World War, and all the amber from the walls of the Amber Room was taken away from the country by the invaders. After the tour you will also view parts of the surrounding park's and gardens consisting of almost 600 hectares (1.500 acres) and filled with marble statues. Inside visit.

FREE Time in Tsarskoye Selo  –Over the years of creating shore excursions we found that every visitor's preference for lunches is different. As a result we decided to give everyone the option to use their lunch time as they prefered, and at their own expense. In the delightful, beautifully kept small town of Tsarskoye Selo( often called "Pushkin")
You have the opportunity of using free time to dine, sight see, do photography, shop in regular non-tourist shops, or stroll around its manicured parks or cathedral, have barbequed Shashlik in outdoor cafes, visit a pub for 1.5 hours


Peterhof Fountain Park
Peterhof Fountains & Grounds – You will be exceptionally lucky since our tour enters the palace compound through the unbelievable Upper Park, which is very seldom visited by hurried tourists. Built to rival Versailles in France, the palace sits atop of a high hill overlooking the Gulf of Finland. Peter the Great drafted the layout for the 300-hundred acre park and supervised the design of the palace fountains. The Grand Cascade, the most famous fountain group, features gilded Samson prying open lion's jaws as water cascades down the terraced steps, and small spouting fountains anoint smaller sculptures. We shall stroll through the lower parks and gardens, and view and "experience" (be careful!) some of the Peters surprise creations among the many decorative fountains. – No inside visit, only the parks and gardens.

Metro (the city's underground subway system) - Visit the magnificent "palaces of the People" as the St. Petersburg Metro used to be called during the Soviet Union years. The construction was started after the II World War, and its expansion continues endlessly, new stations opening periodically.
A ride is arranged between the Technological Institute and the Moscow Arch of Triumph stations.
Since the entire St. Petersburg was built on the marsh land, the tunnels had to be dug deep, deep until solid soil was found, and you shall descend endlessly deep on extremely fast moving escalators. All the stations are totally different and individually designed. Some are luxurious with art work, statues, sculptures, mosaic walls, and chandeliers, some are simpler looking. The trains run like clockwork, normally at 2 minutes apart. – A ride is included.

Day 2 Activities
City Tour -  You'll either see, or  visit the major sites and historical  attractions of St. Petersburg old center, including statues, monuments, rivers and canals, beautiful bridges, cathedrals and palaces, memorial squares and parks. You shall also enjoy photo opportunities in selected locations.
This tour will portion of the tour will give you an overview of the city's layout, history and environment passing through historic neighborhoods, civil buildings, grand homes and current day life environments.
Because you are in a small group, you will have plenty of time to ask questions and are encouraged to discuss your thoughts.

Scene along Canal Cruise
Canal Cruise - St. Petersburg is also called "the Venice of the North", and that is why our tour also includes a cruise on the River Neva and along the picturesque downtown canals.

A 60-minute journey by small open-air boats travels the Fontanka River, the Kryukov Canal, the Moika River and the Neva River.

Peter the Great conceived the Neva as the main thoroughfare of the city, and from the beginning the river was considered a vital part of the whole architectural ensemble. During the journey you pass under numerous picturesque bridges, and admire the exteriors of the many old beautiful buildings in St Petersburg. Also to view the low silhouette of the city from the wide Neva offers many unique photo opportunities. Your guide will provide a map so you can follow your route as you motor along. - 1-hour cruise included.


View of Church on spilled Blood in St Petersburg
Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood - This recently restored church sports a fantastic ornate "Russian-style" exterior with the traditional colorful onion domes. The church was built on the exact site of the March 1, 1881 assassination of Tsar Alexander II, while riding in his carriage along the canal embankment. That is also the reason why the church is called "spilled blood".
The church is distinguished by its picturesque silhouette and rich colorful decoration. The facade is lined with ceramic tiles and colored glazed bricks. Inside you shall view large size works of colorful mosaic of different religious themes. During the Soviet Union the church served as a warehouse and a storage space, and it took more than a decade to restore it to its current condition. This is unquestionably one of the most popular photo spots in St. Petersburg. –Full interior tour

Interior of the Hermitage art section
Hermitage plus Free Time - The former residential palace of the Romanov rulers, called the Winter Palace, and four other buildings together house today one of the world's most prestigious museums, called The Hermitage and one of the premier art collections. Your guided tour includes both the Winter Palace and the Hermitage display rooms, which contain over three million art works, including paintings by DaVinci, Rafael, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, Picasso, Van Gogh - to name a few.
The Baroque style Winter Palace was designed by Italian architect Rastrelli, and boasts huge ceremonial reception rooms, throne rooms, private theatre, gold and marble, irreplaceable state gifts and collections, patterned parquet floors, ornate staircases, molded and decorated ceilings, and gilded appointments. If nothing else, this is the “must” place in St. Petersburg. – After a tour of the spectacular state and private rooms, you will be given an opportunity no other tour allows, free time to choose which areas of interest you would like to explore from antiquities to art, and everything in between. We will meet up again and continue your tour.

Free Time Time to explore the Vladimirsky historic neighborhood as featured in several of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novels. You can shop in a modern partment store, visit a working stunning Orthodox Church, visit the most famous and restored traditional food markets in St Petersburg, visit one of several museums, wander in the authentic, unrestored residential streets, shop in a non-tourist gift shop full of hand crafted Russian made gifts from humorous to artistic at a unique shop that has local non-tourist prices or have lunch (at your own expense) of any level of service you wish from blinis at an outdoor stand, to top restaurants on "restaurant row" , all up to you. Or sit in an outdoor dining area of a popular English pub across from the historic church.

This has been one of the most popular and interesting activities, seeing real neighborhoods, interacting with locals, away from the tourist traps in a very safe and interesting block radius. Food choices in neighborhood restaurants, about 60, range from Indian, Mexican, Thai, Georgian, French, Italian, Cuban, Fusion, Russian, Subway Sandwiches, English or Irish pubs and more. Many with lovely outdoor dining, and all with English menus.

Interior of the Hermitage art section The St. Isaac's Cathedral:  Designed by Auguste  de Monferrand in 1818 the church was named in tribute to Peter the great who was born on the day of St. Isaac of Dalmatia. The Cathedral is 101,5 m (333 ft) high and the dome (for  the making of which 100 kg (220,5 lb) of gold was used) is 26,5 m (87 ft) in diameter, making it one of the largest in the world after St. Peter 's Cathedral in Rome and St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
The interior is “a symphony of gold, marble, lapis lazuli, malachite and porphyry”. The walls and vaults are decorated with paintings and mosaics by the leading artists of the day, and the walls and floors are lined with marble from Russia, France and Italy. The columns of the iconostasis are faced with malachite and lapis. There are all together 112 columns of polished granite holding the building up, of which 24 support the dome.
The Cathedral can accommodate 14,000 people. Inside visit.

Prices Detail

Price ranges from $399 for 2 people to $299 for 10 or more, per person


  • Tips to your guide and driver, which are subject to their satisfactory performance and paid to them personally at the end of the tour.
  • Lunches which are open free time allowing you to decide what you are hungry for and what level of dining you prefer
  • Gifts and Souvenirs 


  • Photography inside museums, palaces is allowed  without flash and only in areas permitted.
When adding this tour to you Shopping Cart, the special discount price for each member will be applied:

         2 members $399.00/person
     3-5 members $350.00/person
     6-9 members $325.00/person
10-15 members $299.00/person
Over 15 can be arranged by contacting our office




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