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1-Day Deluxe St Petersburg $149

This very popular program is tailored for the passengers aboard ships which make 1 day port calls to St Petersburg, who want to see  the most of St. Petersburg  during her short 1 day port call.  The price shown below $149 per person is guaranteed



1-Day Deluxe St Petersburg Tour

1-Day Deluxe St. Petersburg 
Maximum 15 persons
USD $149
Intensive, extended distances to walk, many steps
10 hours total 
  • "Russian Cruise Visa"
  • All Local Taxes
  • All admission tickets to below listed places
  • Free-Time for dining, exploring or shopping
  • All photo and video permits inside venues where allowed
  • English speaking highest rated guide
  • Bottled water
  • Rain coats if needed
  • Audio system with personal headsets (provided for groups of minimum 7 persons)

Not later that 45 minutes after the ship's official clearance upon docking.
St. Isaac's Cathedal, Rostral Columns on the Spit of Vasilevsky Island, Cruiser "Aurora", Log Cabin of Peter the Great, Our Saviour Cathedral on the Spilled Blood, Square of Arts, Narva Gate.
Peterhof Fountain Park and Gardens, ride on the underground "Metro" system,  the State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress grounds, Free Time for lunch and shopping or exploring, Church on Spilled Blood 
Well behaved children are welcome, otherwise, we strongly suggest a private tour if your child is not prepared for a long day of touring

Well behaved children are welcome, otherwise, we strongly suggest a private tour if your child is not prepared for a long day of touring

Comfort stops are scheduled to be no more than 2 hours apart

This  full day program is tailored for the cruise ship passenger who wants to see the most St. Petersburg has to offer during the limited time frame allowed by your 1 day Legend of the Seas port calls on May 13 and May 28th 2014 . Your 1- day tour encompasses all the highlights of the city, and avoids repeating sites, or commentary, which is unavoidable when reservation 1-day or several half-day tours of the city as offered by the ship. Our program has been created taking into consideration the recommendations of thousands of our earlier guests. For instance, although three very similar 17th century palaces are included, we make an inside visit to two of them.

The Complete St Petersburg begins immediately after your ship has been cleared by the St. Petersburg Port of Authority and Immigration. The last bus is scheduled to depart not later than 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) after the official scheduled arrival time. For instance: If your ship’s official arrival time is 06:30 AM, the first passenger report usually around 06: 50, our first tour van or mini-bus departs with the first 16 passengers around 07:00AM. The last one is scheduled to depart at 07:45. That is 75 minutes after the official arrival time.

Your tour returns back to the ship at 5:30 PM (17:30),  one hour before your ship is scheduled to sail. All the sites and destinations listed below are either visited inside, having photo stops, or just seen as mentioned separately in each case. 

Detailed Itinerary( Click)

City Tour to the South -  You'll either see, or  visit the major sites and historical  attractions of St. Petersburg on the way south to the palace estates including statues, monuments, rivers and canals, beautiful bridges, cathedrals and palaces, memorial squares and parks. You shall also enjoy photo opportunities in selected locations.
This tour will portion of the tour will give you an expanded overview of the city's layout, history and environment passing through historic neighborhoods, civil buildings, grand homes and current day life environments.
Because you are in a small group, you will have plenty of time to ask questions and are encouraged to discuss your thoughts.


Peterhof Fountain Park
Peterhof Fountains & Grounds – You will be exceptionally lucky since our tour enters the palace compound through the unbelievable Upper Park, which is very seldom visited by hurried tourists. Built to rival Versailles in France, the palace sits atop of a high hill overlooking the Gulf of Finland. Peter the Great drafted the layout for the 300-hundred acre park and supervised the design of the palace fountains. The Grand Cascade, the most famous fountain group, features gilded Samson prying open lion's jaws as water cascades down the terraced steps, and small spouting fountains anoint smaller sculptures. We shall stroll through the lower parks and gardens, and view and "experience" (be careful!) some of the Peters surprise creations among the many decorative fountains. – No inside visit, only the parks and gardens.

Free Time Time to explore the Vladimirsky historic neighborhood as featured in several of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novels. You can shop in a modern partment store, visit a working stunning Orthodox Church, visit the most famous and restored traditional food markets in St Petersburg, visit one of several museums, wander in the authentic, unrestored residential streets, shop in a non-tourist gift shop full of hand crafted Russian made gifts from humorous to artistic at a unique shop that has local non-tourist prices or have lunch (at your own expense) of any level of service you wish from blinis at an outdoor stand, to top restaurants on "restaurant row" , all up to you. Or sit in an outdoor dining area of a popular English pub across from the historic church.

This has been one of the most popular and interesting activities, seeing real neighborhoods, interacting with locals, away from the tourist traps in a very safe and interesting block radius. Food choices in neighborhood restaurants, about 60, range from Indian, Mexican, Thai, Georgian, French, Italian, Cuban, Fusion, Russian, Subway Sandwiches, English or Irish pubs and more. Many with lovely outdoor dining, and all with English menus.

Interior of the Hermitage art section
Hermitage plus Free Time - The former residential palace of the Romanov rulers, called the Winter Palace, and four other buildings together house today one of the world's most prestigious museums, called The Hermitage and one of the premier art collections. Your guided tour includes both the Winter Palace and the Hermitage display rooms, which contain over three million art works, including paintings by DaVinci, Rafael, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, Picasso, Van Gogh - to name a few.
The Baroque style Winter Palace was designed by Italian architect Rastrelli, and boasts huge ceremonial reception rooms, throne rooms, private theatre, gold and marble, irreplaceable state gifts and collections, patterned parquet floors, ornate staircases, molded and decorated ceilings, and gilded appointments. If nothing else, this is the “must” place in St. Petersburg. – After a tour of the spectacular state and private rooms, you will be given an opportunity no other tour allows, free time to choose which areas of interest you would like to explore from antiquities to art, and everything in between. We will meet up again and continue your tour.

View of Church on spilled Blood in St Petersburg
Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood - This recently restored church sports a fantastic ornate "Russian-style" exterior with the traditional colorful onion domes. The church was built on the exact site of the March 1, 1881 assassination of Tsar Alexander II, while riding in his carriage along the canal embankment. That is also the reason why the church is called "spilled blood".
The church is distinguished by its picturesque silhouette and rich colorful decoration. The facade is lined with ceramic tiles and colored glazed bricks. Inside you shall view large size works of colorful mosaic of different religious themes. During the Soviet Union the church served as a warehouse and a storage space, and it took more than a decade to restore it to its current condition. This is unquestionably one of the most popular photo spots in St. Petersburg. –Full interior tour

Scene along Canal Cruise
Canal Cruise - St. Petersburg is also called "the Venice of the North", and that is why our tour also includes a cruise on the River Neva and along the picturesque downtown canals.

A 60-minute journey by small open-air boats travels the Fontanka River, the Kryukov Canal, the Moika River and the Neva River.

Peter the Great conceived the Neva as the main thoroughfare of the city, and from the beginning the river was considered a vital part of the whole architectural ensemble. During the journey you pass under numerous picturesque bridges, and admire the exteriors of the many old beautiful buildings in St Petersburg. Also to view the low silhouette of the city from the wide Neva offers many unique photo opportunities. Your guide will provide a map so you can follow your route as you motor along. - 1-hour cruise included.


Additional Info (Click)

More Info:

Browse for Russian souvenirs and gifts and bargain with local vendors at the various stops during your excursion. Your tour includes a stop at one of St. Petersburg's souvenir shops where you can barter for such traditional Russian goods as lacquered boxes, jewelry, pins, hand painted nesting dolls, usually called “Matryoshka dolls”, handicrafts, china and porcelain, Russian delicacies like Caviar, military memorabilia of the Soviet Union, beautiful coffee table books about Russian topics, and many others. 

IMPORTANT: The shops also serve as our emergency toilet stops. The shops are located all over the city, and when a group member announces a need to use a rest room, our guides normally make the emergency stop at the nearest souvenir shop. They are well equipped to receive tourist for that purpose. These stops are often misunderstood by our guests, and taken as an effort to make the group members to shop, but no person is required to step out from the bus, except the one who requested the restroom. The fewer people go inside the faster the tour shall continue again.

What other sites you will see along the way: During the two, or three days of touring (depending on the length of the stay of your cruise ship) in St. Petersburg your motor coach will pass through the city's residential and suburban districts en route to Peterhof on the Gulf of Finland. Among other things you shall pass the St. Nicholas Cathedral, and the nearby Theater Square with the world famous Mariinski Theatre (of such world famous ballet dancers like Vaslav Nijinski, Rudolf Nurejev, Mikhail Barishnikov) the St. Petersburg Conservatoire, and the monuments to the distinguished composers Rimsky-Korsakov and Glinka. You will pass by the Yusupov Palace (once the wealthiest person in Russia), and the symbol of St Petersburg - the Bronze Horseman in the Decembrists' Square. Across the Neva River are the oldest buildings of St Petersburg, including the Menshikov Palace (the mansion of the first governor of St Petersburg), the St Petersburg University, which are lined up one after another, and they never fail to impress a visitor every time you drive around this "museum in the open air." On the opposite side of the Neva there stands the Admiralty with its sharp and high golden spire, which is a compositional center of the entire city, and will never allow you to get lost. You shall also naturally drive along the Nevskij Prospekt, the fashionable main street of St. Petersburg. It is the center of business, fashion, boutiques, major shops, restaurants, hotels, but also some famous sites like the Kazan Cathedral, the Gostinni Dvor 18th century department store, the Alexandriinski Theatre, the Anichkov Bridge and many others.




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