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Only $20


30 Day Tourist Visa Invitation

All visitors to St Petersburg arriving by land or air are required to have a visa or have their country of citizenship having signed a visa waver treaty with Russia. Tours visas are the normal class of visa for visiting Russia and have a maximum duration of 30 days. American Citizens are allowed a 3 year multiple entry visa that allows each stay of up to 6 months.  Visas are applied for at the Russian consulate nearest you in your country. An application form, passport style photo, your passport with 6 months remaining validity beyond the end of the visa, and where there are two blank pages in the passport.
Additionally, a Visa invitation document is needed from either your hotel or tour operator.

Hotels provide invitations, most often for a fee, that is valid only for the duration of your booking with their hotel which causes problems with exploring other cities or extending your stay. Tickets and Tours offers a low cost more convenient alternative, a 30 Day duration Tourist Invitation for a low price. Those who book tours with us are provided invitations at no cost.

We have an easy on-line form for purchasing a tourist Invitation. The Visa Invitation is called Visa Support by the consulate and 2 sections, one in English and the other in Russian, in PDF format that can be printed at home and included in your visa application.





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