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St Petersburg Russia Shore Excursions

St Petersburg Tours

Founded by Peter the Great in 1703, St. Petersburg became one of the youngest European capitals, and remained such until the Russian Revolution 1917, when the government of the Soviet Union moved to Moscow. Today St. Petersburg represents the glory of the Imperial Russia of the Romanov Dynasty with countless palaces, museums, Orthodox cathedrals, theaters, imperial monuments, as well as the dramatic and bloody history of the Russian Revolution and the birth of the world’s first communist country.

Chances are that visting St Petersburg was one of the primary reasons you chose a Baltic Sea cruise. Without a doubt, it is the Jewel of the Baltic, and we are pleased to present it to you in any of a number of carefully planned and perfectly executed tour itineraries. Carefull and accruate planning is one of the key benefits Tickets and Tours  is know for. Every Tickets and Tours tour is the result in 14 years in direct shore excursion experience in St Peterburg, dating to before there was really was independent tours.  We built our repetuation on word of mouth, and avoided the massive advertising that others have engaged in. We put our investment into high quality tours and not promotion. Our past guests are our promotion.

Tickets and Tours is experienced but also new in ideas and features that eventually become standard among the growing number of new companies popping up and disappearing every year.  We have a philosophy that is the core of our tours, they have to be fun, engaging, interactive and infomative, at at a price anyone can afford. These leaves alone in the field of low cost, full featured tours, and casual walking tours that allows each of our guests to engage in the city and learn about its people and culture by doing instead of just seeing.   We have divided tours into 3 fundamental types:  Private Deluxe Tour, Deluxe Group Toursand Uniique Walking Small Group Tours. Each type is designed to cater to different touring style preferences. Selecting the type below will give an description of the category of the tours and displays of the tours offered.

You can compare the features of tours within each category by clicking on the link "Compare this Tour" towards the bottom of each tour description page. After selecting tours to compare click on the top menu item "Compare Tours"



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