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Welcome to Tickets and Tours. 

If you are new to Tickets and Tours the best place to start lerning about shore excursions, 

the Tickets and Tours difference and how to select and book your is here. Several related articles are displayed that answer the most often asked questions. 

In a nut shell, Tickets and Tours is a premiere shore excursion provider in Russia and in the Baltic Sea region. We are the only American owned and operated Tour Operator in St Petersburg focusing on shore excursions. Tickets and Tours is one of the oldest most established shore excursion provders in St Petersburg and the first to bring many innovations, some of which have been adopted by other newer Russian companies.   

Booking with Tickets and Tours is unique for a number of reasons, you can book entirely on-line with easy selection, booking and confirmation, with your tour tickets sent by Email attachment within 48 hours after verification of all order details. Another unique feature is that your safety is assured, we carry liability insurance that is far in excess of what other local companies provide , if they provide any at all. It is not a tradition in Russia to have any insurance covering tour members. Another is western attention to detail that guarantees you enjoying the full benefit of all you were promised.  Tickets and Tours hires and trains our guides, unique in St Petersburg, they are not free lance, being their own boss as with other companies. That way we can assure our policies, high standards and carefully planned itineraries are followed.

Based on our long experience in Shore Excursions, in our 13th season, we have been able to develop the skills needed to create tours that are optimum for your preferences, taking consideration of museum or palace least busy times, the exact number of stair steps for each venue, timing and traffic patterns, high quality lunches, and the best guides in the city. 

We have two types of tours, pre-planned tours with fixed itineraries and fully customized tours designed around your specific interests. Over the years we have honed the itineraries every season to reflect changes in hours traffic patterns, changes in tastes of our guests and end up with carefully plannned itineraries that are very well received by our guests. That means fewer and fewer of our guests have felt the need to design their own itinerary. If you have some special request that does not fit one of very popular tours, we will be happy to create just what you want for your private group.



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