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Fun Explore St Petersburg Walking Tour

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Deluxe St Petersburg Tour

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Welcome to Tickets and Tours

Land Tours and Shore Excursions in St Petersburg by Tickets and Tours

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St Petersburg Tickets and Tours is your best option for St Petersburg Shore Excursions and Land Tours Customized Tours. We created Tickets and Tours as an American/Russian owned partnership and American managed tour operator, because after providing shore excursions and wholesale tickets for 14 years, from the beginning of independent shore excursions it became apparent there were some fundamental problems that someone should have addressed:

  • Tours were too expensive
  • Tours were hard to book
  • Tours should have been fun

Ticket and Tours was created to address each of these problems. Full tours covering all the must-sees, using the best guides in the city, further trained by us, selected for personality and lively fun-loving spirit in addition to being fully qualified licensed guides, all for prices 33 to 50% less than typical tour operators offering less and with less experience. We created unique tours that not only cover all the must-sees, but do it in a lighter, more flexible fun interaction, including "Free Time" on selected Visa-Free Shore Excursions, with the city and people, and avoid the normal dry non-stop history lecture that is the standard tour guide script. It should be fun and exciting, it is.

How do we charge so much less? We sell the tickets to many of the tour operators so you avoid their markup and we price based on the Ruble value so we dropped the price in dollars to reflect the 50% drop in ruble value. We feel it is not ethical to expect a windfall profit due to low ruble value. The costs to conduct the tours are still about the same as 2014 in Rubles but the US dollar price means the others are charging twice as much as normal. Book Now to avoid price increases when the ruble regains value

Fun, Value and Quality, you have it all

We invite you to leave comments in the provided comment boxes, or use your FaceBook log in to leave messages, share your selections with your friends and contact us all in the same pages from your phone, tablet or computer.

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